The process to a successful valuation assignment:

1) Business Owner or Advisor (Client) places a call or email to a Nationwide Valuations’ Regional Manager asking for further information on how we value a business.

2) Regional Manager answers all questions, determines which business evaluation product will best suit the client’s needs, and emails or faxes the services agreement, client questionnaire, and a list of required supporting documentation.

3) Client completes and signs all forms, compiles all necessary financial/supporting documentation, and mails the packet, along with payment, to Nationwide Valuations.

4) Regional Manager reviews the packet for completeness, recasts financial information, and begins further phone or email dialog with the Client to ensure that nothing has been missed.

5) Regional Manager submits packet and initial analysis to Valuation Analyst for final preparation of the valuation.

6) Valuation Analyst presents draft copy of final report to Regional Manager for review and sign-off.

7) Once final report has been reviewed and accepted as correct by Regional Manager, our administrative team will package the valuation report and priority mail back to Client.

Our business valuation experts hold multiple credentials and have performed business appraisals for almost every industry out there. We work with companies of all sizes, tailoring our expertise to their size and need.

In fact, due to the great range of reasons for getting a business appraised, we know that the methods behind one type of valuation are not necessarily right for another. This is why we offer our clients Limited Scope Valuations, Full Scope Valuations, our signature Certified Valuations, Certified Equipment and Machinery Appraisals, and more.